My name is Chris Arnett aka Player Supreme. I am the owner of Zenmack’s Players University a site where I teach men how to become real men and take control over their dating life and other areas of their lives.

I have been a coach since the 90’s before I came onto the internet scene. And, yes before that movie Hitch came out. I have been what is called a Player for over 20 years in my life. I have rose to all levels of this game in my quest to become better at meeting and dating women.

I am the first person within the online seduction community to create a successful podcast show and have done over 900 shows in the last 5 years of owning my own site where I teach guys how to get laid basically.

At 51 one years of age, I had retired from dating as many as 13 women at once about 5 years ago when I had a tragic death in my family.

I am a author of several books on the game of dating and seduction:

7 steps
3 secrets
hypnotic profiles
female mind seduction

I am also a public speaker and winner of numerous speaking contests and often presented as a model speaker:

Hold on I am not done yet. I also own my own personal training business and am a author and creator within that field:

Well I could crow on and on but I think you get the picture. You have found the right teacher is my point. I am not one of those internet fakers out to rip folks off. I am the real thing and I am willing to step up and prove it!

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